Bathroom by Frances

Another Frantastic render!

A word from the author:

The main thing that inspired me to revisit this scene is the introduction of a fabulous new BRDF model in Arion and an improved media traversal stack (MTS, helps with things like liquid in a glass). The next version of Arion will have subsurface scattering (SSS), single sheet subsurface scattering (S5), and a phenomenal new coatings system. I’ve used this scene to test them all, along with improved glass absorption and metal. All of the painted and wood surfaces are using the new plastic coating with gives supremely realistic results. The resin bath accessories, the mug, and the sink are SSS. The tissue in the box on the window sill is S5.

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Participating media

Just playing with the next version of Arion! I really love all the new features.

The new fog feature is surprisingly fast. This image was rendered at 1080p for an hour and downscaled to 720p.

The way fog works is really flexible because you just enable it and link it to a material in the scene (a SSS material). That’s all.