Arion 1.6.0 gymkhana – From a raw model to a photorealistic render

This video tutorial shows the basics of the most important workflow features of Arion 1.6.0 in a complete session recording using a raw .OBJ file.

Please refer to the help panel inside the application (click on the “?” button) if you need information about the shortcuts to use the software. It’s pretty straightforward!

Thank you very much for watching.

New Participating Media (fog) video tutorial

This RandomControl Arion tutorial explains how to use the Participating Media (fog) features.
Please fullscreen the video and use at least 720p resolution to correctly see the settings.

Get the file arion_fog_start.rcs here:

Underwater caustics with RandomControl technology

The new RandomControl BRDF material technology, which as been introduced in Arion 1.5.0, is a technical and mathematical achievement. This image above that uses very small directional spotlights to lit the scene has been rendered in Arion using ‘simple’ unidirectional path tracing in a little over 3 hours of render time. This may sounds like a lot, but for an unbiased rendering engine, it’s a fraction of what any other engine on the market is capable of.

Now I’m letting you imagine what fryrender will be able to do with that technology in bidirectional path tracing!

3D Sphere published an article about Arion 1.6.0

You can read it here:

“My opinion about Arion is very positive, I like the software and it was pleasure to work with it. I would like to say thank you again to RandomControl for giving us the opportunity to review Arion.”

Thank you Tomas for the article!