Better noise convergence (v2.0.4)

We keep improving and reviewing multiple aspects of RCSDK (the Arion 2 core technology).

The next version of Arion stand-alone and MAX LIVE (v2.0.4) will bring some nice improvements in long-term noise convergence. These affect all sorts of situations, but in particular they help in multi-GPU configurations.

Here’s an example of the same image rendered for 2 minutes in v2.0.4 (top) vs. v2.0.3 (bottom):



Noise comparison

We keep working really hard to bring more features and improvements that we will talk about on this blog very soon. :-)

Coding on and on

Arion and MAX LIVE v2.0.3 released

We have just released Arion / MAX LIVE v2.0.3. The version changelog can be found here:

Customers can download the new version from the Customer Area.

The main improvements have to do with Active Shade (stability + some additions), the new ‘Preference settings’ panel, and much shorter warm-up times (warm-up / upload to devices).