We have just released a trial version of RHINO LIVE.

The limitations of the DEMO are the following:

– Maximum output resolution = 800×600.
– Watermarked rendering.
– No HDR and multi-layered EXR output.

Rhino and Arion

The DEMO can be downloaded from the Customer Area.

1- If you’re already a customer of any of our products, you will find a space called ‘DEMO downloads’ in your Customer Area after you log in with your Account ID.

2- If you’re not a customer of any of our products yet, you must create an Account ID on our website. Once you log in with your newly created Account ID, you will find a link to download the DEMO.

RHINO LIVE has been released

We are proud to announce the release of RHINO LIVE, the new RandomControl LIVE plug-in that embeds Arion 2 into Rhinoceros 5.

In the upcoming days we will add some video tutorials with a tour of the features of the plug-in. Until then, here’s a link to the RHINO LIVE manual:


You can take a look at our pricing & licensing policy here:


What about v2.4.1?

RHINO LIVE is based on RCSDK v2.4.1 (the latest version of the Arion core), and hence the version number is RHINO LIVE v2.4.1. We have decided to release RHINO LIVE separately from Arion stand-alone and MAX LIVE in order to work on Arion/MAX v2.4.x with the calm of having put the RHINO LIVE release behind us. We expect to release Arion/MAX v2.4.x in the upcoming weeks.


There are some strong reasons why we have decided to work on RHINO LIVE. Among them we could highlight the amount of requests for a RHINO plug-in that we have received, and the fantastic support that we’ve received by Mcneel themselves. In addition to this, the Rhinoceros SDK is quite clean, and Rhinoceros itself is a tight app, so it’s been possible to create what we regard as a fantastic plug-in that will be easy to maintain properly.

We do -not- have plans to work on any other LIVE plug-ins in the foreseeable future.

Once the two LIVE plug-ins are finished (MAX/RHINO) we will work on new iterations and improvements for them and for the stand-alone as well.