Some new entries in the KB

We have just added some pages to the Arion Knowledge Base. They affect some of the new features in v2.4.x, so they are probably worth reading:

Dicing, splatting, super-sampling and under-sampling:

The AOVs:

Optimization toggles:

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Some news

Dear customers and DEMO users,

1- Compositing channels (AOVs):

We have added a new mode in the Alpha AOV, so transparent objects are displayed in gray. This saves one step in compositing if windows or windshields are involved, as they usually must be detached through an additional ObjID or MtlID AOV.

We have redone the normals AOV, so it follows the same mapping between axes and colors as other 3D apps. We have also added a selector to specify whether the normals must be displayed in World coordinates or Camera coordinates.

2- RCSDK v2.4.4:

In our way to complete MAX LIVE v2.4.x, the RCSDK has received some fixes, such as:

– The AOV improvements mentioned above.
– Fixed region-render (which works while the user navigates the scene now).
– Fixed support for instances generated with MAX LIVE v2.0.x.
– Fixed mouse-clicking if camera roll is used.
– Fixed QTVR output.
– Some other minor fixes.

We will re-compile and release Arion stand-alone and RHINO LIVE in the upcoming days, so there will be a new v2.4.4 version very soon.

3- MAX LIVE and MAX 2014:

As explained in previous blog posts, we’re still working on MAX LIVE v2.4.x, and it will still take some time to release it.

We can announce, however, that MAX LIVE for 3ds Max 2013 seems to run seamlessly in 3ds Max 2014, and that the upcoming v2.4.x version of MAX LIVE already compiles with the 3ds Max 2014 SDK.

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