Complete .FRY & .FRM support

Scene courtesy of Realistic Design

Scene with instances courtesy of Realistic Design

Arion 2.4.5 will feature full support for the old fryrender scene (.fry) and material (.frm) formats. Thanks to this improvement, it will be possible to open your old scene data into the latest version of Arion and restore all the properties in the scene that are mappable to their new counterparts in the Arion/RCS format.

This feature applies to the Arion stand-alone (scene/material importer) and the upcoming MAX LIVE plug-in (which imports legacy fryrender materials as well).

What .fry/.frm features are being imported correctly now which weren’t before?

– All camera optics settings.
– ENV/BG rotation/flip mismatch.
– Relative map paths in ENV/BKG.
– Opacity maps.
– Bump maps and their corresponding height factors.
– S5.
– Coatings.
– All sky/sun parameters.
– Object exclusion flags.
– All map UVW modifiers.
– All map RGB modifiers.
– Kelvin colors for emitters.

And very importantly (this was not working at all until now):

– Instanced objects.

Why is this feature (so) important?

As a matter of fact, there are many users who are using old versions of our plug-ins (e.g., fry_c4d for C4D, fry_lw for LightWave, …). These plug-ins produce legacy .fry files which now will open up and render correctly in Arion with minimal edits (or in most cases, no edits whatsoever).