Export instances as geometry

Dear Arion customers,

We’ve added a flag in Arion for 3ds Max (F10 dialog) to be able to export instances as regular (mesh) geometry.

As you all know, the convenience of instances over raw geometry can be summarized as:

– Instanced geometry uses up less memory, but renders somewhat more slowly.
– Raw geometry uses up more memory, but in turn renders faster.

In terms of performance, for a scene where the instances still fit in the RAM of the GPUs when exported as geometry, there is no reason to leave this checkbox OFF. However, there are some other important reasons why you might want to export instances as geometry (listed below).

As long as the instances fit in the RAM when exported as geometry, enabling this flag will bring the following:

– The scene will render faster.
– Each instance will be allowed to use its own materials (*).
– Instanced emitters will illuminate the scene properly (**).

(*/**) Note that instanced geometry in Arion does not support emitters or different material sets per instance.

Instances as geometry

Instances as instances – efficiency: 1.97 p/s

Instances as geometry – efficiency: 3.05 p/s

Thanks for watching.