Af3 – Particle Flow standard shapes

Dear customers,

Arion for 3ds Max now fully supports Particle Flow standard shapes (cube, sphere, diamond, letters…).

Until now, Af3 was only exporting ‘Instance Shape’ particles as instanced point clouds. Now, ‘Instance Shape’ is used if present, but meshed particles are exported otherwise.

Particle Flow standard shapes

Note that proper motion blur is only supported if ‘Instance Shape’ is used, because in that mode, particles are tracked individually by their pivot. If a particle system is exported as a meshed triangle soup, however, the topology of the mesh may change (as a matter of fact, it almost always does) over time, making it impossible to compute real automatic 3D motion blur.

In other words: if motion blur is wanted => the Shape Instance Particle Flow node must be used. Otherwise, and specially if memory is not a big constraint, you can use any other Particle Flow nodes normally.

Thank you for reading!

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