ArionFX for Photoshop v3.0.5

Dear users,

We proudly announce that ArionFX for Photoshop v3.0.5 has just been released.

What’s new in ArionFX this time?

We have added a multi-layer OpenEXR file reader. As most of you may know, modern versions of Photoshop can natively open .exr files, but they ignore all the extra channels beyond RGB[A]. On the other hand, most modern render engines (Arion in particular) output a plethora of AOVs in the form of EXR channels (e.g., Alpha, Depth, Specular, MtlID, ObjID, …). Now, ArionFX for Photoshop can read -all- the channels contained in OpenEXR files, and conveniently lay them out as Photoshop layers.

Multi-layered OpenEXR file reader settingsMulti-layered OpenEXR file reader settings

Our importer can read 16-bit floating-point (or) integer OpenEXR files, and 32-bit floating-point OpenEXR files.

Naturally, the importer gets along fantastically well with G-Buffers saved from Arion, but it can be used with -any other- render engine as well. Actually, it can theoretically read -any- OpenEXR file, regardless of what it was generated with.

Additionally, the plug-in can read Arion’s native .agb file format, which is a lossless 32-bit dump of the G-Buffer as we store it in the GPU memory. AGB (Arion G-Buffer) files are an alternative to OpenEXR files for Arion users.

ArionFX for Photoshop v3.0.5 multi-layered OpenEXR readerArionFX for Photoshop v3.0.5 multi-layered OpenEXR reader

This new importer plug-in is released as part of the existing ArionFX product, and is available free of charge to our existing (and new) customers.

Feel free to grab the upgrade from the Customer Area if you are already a customer, or download the DEMO version from our website.

Thank you for reading!

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