New Arion Material Tutorials

Dear Arion users,

A new set of tutorials covering the basics of the Arion BSDF has been uploaded to our support site.

These tutorials have been made using an internal Alpha version of Arion for 3ds Max v3.x, but everything that is explained here (except for some Arion 3 specific features) is valid for existing commercial versions of Arion stand-alone, Arion for Rhinoceros and Arion for 3ds Max.

The tutorials explain how to approach different types of materials, and how to recreate them with our in-house unified material system.

– Surface properties (with case study tutorials).
– Internal properties (with case study tutorials).
– Reflection properties (with case study tutorials).

We invite you to make requests through facebook or e-mail about specific materials mini-tutorials you would like for us to work on, and we will sort all your feedback to complete this section of the documentation.

Understanding the Arion BSDF

Thank you for reading!

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