Piracy Armistice

Dear users,

Following the tradition of the past years, we would like to celebrate the Christmas season offering a very generous discount coupon on our shop.

The reason why this year we have used the name “Piracy Armistice” for our Christmas Promotion is the following:

“We have been developing software at RandomControl for the past 14 years. During all this time, we have released several products and many upgrades, and every single time we have experienced the same drama that all software development companies do. For some time, if you’re lucky and your product is welcome by the market, you have sales. But shortly afterwards, some guy steals your software, cracks it, releases it… and bam! Sales stop abruptly. All of a sudden, all your effort of months (or years) becomes… worthless! People are simply unaware of how severe this problem is.”

Cracking software, and also using cracked software, damages software development companies. This, eventually, damages the industry you are supposed to be a part of.

Christmas is a season of peace and love. So this year we would like to make an offer for a truce that we have called “Piracy Armistice”. Until the end of the year, our shop will allow you to buy our products at a 50% discount by using the discount coupon:


Santa being attacked by a gang of pirates

-50% on our shop, merry Christmas!

If you want to buy any of our products, this is a great chance to do so at an incredible price. And if you are using a cracked copy of our software already, this is a great opportunity to act like a pro and do the right thing. :-)

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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